A Night at Union Station

A Night at Union Station

Embracing and Adaptability

Jackie and Anna were looking for a beautiful wedding dinner at Union Station with friends and family. Over 380 guests were scheduled to attend and celebrate this important night. 

But, before this memorable night can happen, they needed to start planning. And what makes a memorable wedding? Food menu. They reached out to us in desire for a fusion of traditional and modern Chinese cuisine. The young couple was looking to cater to the elder and young generations. That is where we came in, we spoke with Jackie and Anna for months preparing and testing out our Chinese dishes. We prepared and cooked any dishes they envisioned to ensure they were comfortable with the final decision. 

A month before this special day, we finalize the ten-course traditional Chinese banquet menu with a preview dinner with the parents and couple. Our head chef presented and explained each dish at the table. The pre-fixed menu included dishes like Chili & Scallions Lobster, Peking Duck, Scallops, and Shrimp Stuffed Crab Claws. Once the menu was finalized, we began to talk about map layout and design at the beautiful and historical Union Station. 

A timeless venue that caters to all events, our end in mind was to embrace the environment, but also add a touch of our Panda catering specialty. While mapping and designing the layout, we faced many challenges. First challenge was that the venue was not equipped to offer electricity and water. No electricity and water meant food could not be cooked. We brought our generator and filled gallons of water for the special night. The second challenge was the length of the venue. We knew the venue was big as 380 guests were coming, but the challenge wasn’t the quantity, it was ensuring our food quality is consistent for the 380 guests. While mapping and designing the venue, we realized that the length could potentially turn the fresh and hot food lukewarm when it is placed on the table. This was the biggest challenge for the team. We agreed there needed to be two plating stations to ensure the quality is on top. 

Hours before the special night, we began setting up the tables and plating. We filled our bars, kitchen, and stations with extra material to ensure everything goes smoothly. The food was prepared, and we were ready.

A night at Union Station became the night at Union Station. We saw two lovers surrounded by friends and family vow their love to each other. We saw laughter, tears, and smiles. We cannot help but think we helped made this night theirs. 

To Jackie and Anna, we hope you are well and wish you nothing but the best!