A New Tradition

A New Tradition

Connections and Beyond

We have known Jeehyun Lee for years. We first met when we catered for a friend of his at a housewarming party. She loved the food, service, and hospitality we displayed throughout the day and wanted to bring us to her events. 

Jeehyun and Adam

Our first event with Jeehyun was a Halloween party for her friends and family. This was our first time hosting a Halloween themed dinner party. We asked ourselves, “Did we have to dress up? Do we pass out candies? What is Halloween?” Most of the time, people tend to work with us for our famous Chinese menu, but Jeehyun just enjoyed our presence. Halloween was a fun holiday where kids and adults were filled with sugar and we wanted to keep the spirit alive.

We talked to Jeehyun about our Panda Inn menu and wanted to hear her vision for this Halloween party. She wanted and asked if there were other menu options for catering services. At the time, we weren’t sure why she asked Panda Catering if she didn’t want to eat Panda Inn food. Always up for a new challenge, we happily accepted her proposal. In addition to planning the menu, we first needed to know what to plan. This was the first time we looked into the many concepts Panda operates. 

Wasabi – a Japanese Sushi Restaurant in Universal City Walk was the first concept the team talked to. We invited Jenny to eat at Wasabi to present our wonderful flavors of sushi and sashimi. She loved it and wanted a sushi station at her party. But a sushi station wasn’t going to be the only food there the entire night, we needed to expand. 

Yakiya – a Japanese Grill Restaurant in Hacienda Heights was the second concept the team talked to. We invited Jenny to eat at this high-end Japanese grill to show what Japanese barbeque is all about. Prime Ribeye and Wagyu Beef, she insisted meats be added as a station. We were progressing and almost finalizing the menu. As mentioned, Halloween was a holiday where kids and adults are filled with sugar. All we were missing was sugar.

Uncle Tetsu – A Japanese Dessert Bakery throughout California known for its fluffy Japanese Cheesecakes. We asked them to bring their best flavors to the party. We knew dessert was essential for any Halloween celebration, so they brought Strawberry, Chocolate, and Original. This was looking better and better, the menu was finalized, and we began to plan a Halloween party like they have never seen.

The night of Halloween was here, we brought our three concepts together and presented a variety of food to Jeehyun and her friends and family. In addition to the variety of foods, team members dressed up in Halloween Costumes and passed candy out. Jeehyun loved the night and continues to hold Halloween parties at her house. Each year the menu is slightly changed like this past year, we made churros. Now, to answer the question, “What is Halloween?” Halloween is Jeehyun and Panda Catering’s new tradition. A new tradition where our many concepts first came together and a time where everyone is filled with sugar.

To Jeehyun, we look forward to every year with you and your friends and family. See you on next Halloween!