Renewal of Love through Tradition

Renewal of Love through Tradition

Culture and Respect

This is a sweet story that will surely warm your heart. To begin, our client Jean Wang’s grandparents lived in China during the famine years. Most of the poor constantly worked in hard labor jobs and barely scrapped by. Jean’s grandparents have been together since teens and their love story lead them to a wonderful marriage.

Although, due to financial hardships they never had the opportunity to celebrate their matrimony in front of friends and family. When Jean reached out to us and shared this romantic love story, we wanted to be a part of this amazing celebration and provide them with the loving service and delicious food the two of them long waited for and so well deserved.   

Jean and the team immediately agreed with each other on the dinner menu because of our Asian background and culture. Our elders deserve to eat and be treated the best, so we had to give them everything they asked. 

Steamed Sea Bass, Beef Short Ribs, Sautéed Shrimp, traditional Chinese banquet-style food for celebrations. Noodles to celebrate a long-lasting life, we upheld essential Chinese traditions to celebrate her grandparent’s wedding anniversary. Specialized and traditional Chinese dishes Panda Inn did not have in the menu, we cooked per request. 

The day started early for the team. We prepared our kitchen outside, began to set the tables and chairs. One of the details we added was the use of gold utensils to signify their rich relationship with themselves and with family. Jean was ecstatic to see the little details we added to this important day. We knew how important this day was to them, so we made sure everything went smoothly. 

At the end of the celebration, Jean’s grandfather enjoyed a specialty item so much we packaged more for him to take home. A day to remember from Panda Catering.

To Jean and your Grandparents, hope all is well and wish the family good fortune!